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The Department of Microbiology was started as a combined department with Pathology in the year 1962.  Later  in 1976, Department of Microbiology was separated with Dr. B. N. Joshi as the Head of the Department . It is a multidisciplinary unit consisting of Bacteriology, Serology, Mycobacteriology, Mycology, Immunology,          Parasitology, and  Virology  sections. 
Teaching is an integral part of the departmental  academic activity.  Post Graduate courses are conducted         for award of M.D. in Microbiology and  Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology( PGDMLT) .
M D Microbiology degree is recognized by Medical Council of India. 
Dept has organized various academic activities i.e National Conference  of IAMM in October 2001,Workshop on Rational Use of Antibiotics. It also conducts Refresher training  and EQAS workshops for Lab Technicians of linked ICTCs(Integrated Counseling & Testing Centre),  Training workshop  of lab technicians of linked district   laboratories under IDSP ( Integrated Disease Surveillance Program), BMW management workshops for           healthcare personnel periodically.

Research work on variety of topics was undertaken by the departmental staff i.e.Bacteriological study of           diabetic foot, Comparative study of bacterial culture by Bactec & Conventional method, Study of                 dermatophytoses ,UTI in geriatric age group,Phenotypic characterization and biofilm detection of staphylococci   isolated from clinical specimens, Study of aerobic bacterial post operative wound infections with special   reference to   Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA),Study of Surgical Site Infection, Status of Tuberculosis in Sangli District, Study of Inducible Clindamycin resistance among staphylococci isolated from clinical specimen, Incidence of enteric parasites in HIV positive patients, Study of Coccidian parasites in HIV infected patients with & without diarrhoea & it’s correlation withCD4 count ,Vaginal candidiasis, Bacteriological & Mycological study  of CSOM, Microbiological profile of bacteremia,Study of bacterial & fungal keratitis.

  • PG course:  Degree  (No. of seats) : One      Diploma -(No. of seats) : Nil  
  • 1st batch of P.G.;             Year 1979
  • Departmental attraction/ Performance last three years
  • Museum/ Laboratory/ Library:

Details of Laboratory  Services: 

 Average 57,000  investigations are performed annually by this  department. The department plays pivotal role in investigating local outbreaks of Cholera, Dengue, HEV, HAV, Chikangunya.



Laboratory Name

Test Menu


Bacteriology laboratory

  • Gram stain,  Albert Stain,etc
  • Routine Culture and sensitivity of various clinical  specimens
  • Culture& air settle plate test for OT surveillance


Mycobacteriology laboratory

  • ZN stain &Mycobacterial culture of various clinical  specimens,


Serology laboratory

  • Widal, VDRL ,ASO, CRP, RA,UPT
  • Leptospira IgG/ IgM antibody


Immunology laboratory

  • Estimation of CD4 Cell Count


Virology laboratory

  • HBsAg 
  • HIV antibody
  • DengueNS1 antigen
  • Dengue IgM antibody, Chikungunya IgM antibody
  •  HAV IgM antibody,HEV IgM antibody
  • Swab collection service for H1N1 influenza virus detection


Parasitology laboratory

  • Microscopic examination of stool for parasites including special stains


Mycology laboratory

  • Microscopy for fungus
  • Fungal Culture


Clinical Microbiology OPD 

Clinical Microbiology OPD functions between 9am to 5pm.Sample receiving  time- 9am to 1pm 
Tests done : Gram stain,  ZN stain,Albert Stain, Stool microscopy for Vibrio cholerae, Stool microscopy for parasites , Albert Stain for  diphtheria organism, HIV antibody, HBsAg, Widal, VDRL ,ASO, CRP , RA, UPT  

Emergency Services offered:
Microbiology Emergency laboratory functions between 5pm to 8am. 
Tests done: Stool For Microscopy- Vibrio organisms, Gram stain for gas gangrene organisms, Albert Stain for diphtheria organism, CSF Microscopy, blood culture 

Dept  is actively involved in  control activities for  Hospital Associated  Infections in the form of Hospital rounds, Continuous Training Program for health care workers

Dept participates in different External Quality Assessment Programs 


EQAs Program                                                                                       Performance last 3 years

IAMM EQAS    for Bacteriology & Serology                                                      › 95%
HIV testing EQAs conducted by NARI, Pune                                                     100%
CD4 count testing  EQAs conducted by NARI, Pune                                        within 1SD


Special facility:  CD4 count testing, ELISA testing for viral infections like HBV, HCV, Dengue, Chikungunya, Rapid test for Dengue NS1 antigen, BACTEC automated blood culture .

Year 2011 2012 2013
U.G 86% 98% 95%
P.G 100% 100% 100%


List of Publications:

List of publications by the members of the staff in recent past. 


  1.  “Investigation of an outbreak of Acute Febrile Illness In Sangli District of Maharashtra State India”Batra HV, Tuteja Urmil, Kulkarni RD, Patil SA, Kulkarni VA, Ramteerthakar M, Shukla Jyoti, Kumbhar D V, Shah SR, Pankaj A. Joshi, Jahagirdar VL. International Journal of Clinical Practice. 
  2. “Ventilator associated pneumonia due to Multidrug Resistant Organisms in Medical Critical Care Unit of Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital  from Western India- a cause for concern”- Medical Journal of Western India. Dr.N.P.Jangale,et al
  3. “Global Malaria, HIV and Tuberculosis diagnostics platforms” Chapter in book “ Major Tropical Diseases – Public Health Perspective”published on the occasion of X-Joint Annual Conference of ISMOCD & IAE. Oct 2014. Pankaj Joshi, Neeta Jangale, et al 
  4. “Significance of brucellosis in backache patients.” Dr.Ravindra Mohite, Dr.Dhanashree Deshpande, Dr.V.A.Kulkarni, Dr.Pankaj Joshi, Dr.R.D.Kulkarni, Dr.Shilpa Shah, Dr.Padmanabh Inamdar. International Journal of Healthcare and Biomedical Research, Volume 2, Issue 3, April 2014, 105-115
  5. “Incidence and Modified Biotyping of Gardnerella vaginalis in Non specific Vaginitis” Ulka Idate, Vanita Kulkarni, Meena Ramteerthakar, Vishakha Madwanna, Pankaj Joshi, Sunanda Patil, Shilpa Shah, R.D.Kulkarni. Indian Medical Gazette, February 2009, Vol.CXLIII, No 2, p 44-48
  6. “An Outbreak of Cholera in Sangli District of Maharashtra.” Kulkarni RD, Patil SA, Kulkarni VA, Ramteerthakar MN, Kumbhar DV, Shah SR, Joshi PA, Jahagirdar VL. Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology. Januray 2007; 25(1): 76 – 77. PMID:17377366
  7. “Brucellosis as a Cause of Pyrexia of unknown Origin” Pankaj A Joshi, R.D.Kulkarni ,V.A.Kulkarni, M.N.Ramteerthakar , D.V.Kumbhar, S.R.Shah , R.M Powar. The Indian Practitioner., August 2007; 80(2), 489 – 491. 
  8. “A Study of Brucellosis in Veterinarians.” Pankaj A. Joshi, R.D. Kulkarni, R.M. Powar. Indian Medical Gazette. October 2006; Vol CXL, No. 10: 467 – 469. 
  9. “Modified Cold Z-N Staining for Presumptive Identification of Brucella.”  Pankaj A. Joshi, R. D. Kulkarni, R. M. Powar. Indian J Med Res., February 2005; 121(2): 108 – 110.   PMID: 15756043   
  10. “Detection of Beta- Lactamases in Gram Negative Nosocomial Clinical Isolates”. Rodrigues C, Joshi P, Jani SH, Alphonse M, Radhakrishnan R, Mehta A.  Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology, Oct 2004 Vol. 22 (4), 247-251.  PMID: 17642748
  11. Proceedings of the Symposium on Rational Use of Antibiotics sponsored by Medical Council of India and conducted at Dept. of Microbiology, Govt. Medical College, Miraj on 16th January 2005 – Co-Editor


Ongoing research activities:

  1. Aerobic Bacteriological Profile of Burn Wound Infection with Special Reference to Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases & Metallo Beta Lactamases - Dr.V.V.Shikhare, Dr.P.A.Joshi
  2. Clinico epidemiological profile of enterococcal isolates and their HLAR. – Dr. N.P.Jangale
  3. Serodiagnosis of Dengue –Comparision of NS1 & IgM Capsture ELISA. - Dr.M..Ramteerthakar, Dr D V Kumbhar
  4. Trend in Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of commonly isolated bacteria- Dr. N.P.Jangale, Dr.P..Joshi 
  5. Prevalence of Methicillin resistance & Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases  in isolates from IPD patients - Dr.M.N.Ramteerthakar Dr.V.V.Shikhare 
  6.  HIV, HBV & HCV Coinfection in walk- in clients- Dr Pankaj Joshi
  7.  KAP study on BMW management by paramedical personnel- Dr N P Jangale

Any other achievements/ awards:

This department has SRL-State Reference Laboratory- for HIV/AIDS as recognized by National AIDS Control Organization, Dept of AIDS, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India. Total 39 ICTCs( Integrated Counselling & Testing Centres)  are linked to the SRL. SRL is accreditated by NABL. 
Department is also actively involved in implementation of Integrated Disease Surveillance Project(IDSP) & National Vector Borne Diseases Control Program( NVBDCP) & is a State Referral Laboratory for IDSP & NVBDCP covering the districts-Sangali, Kolhapur &  Sindhudurg. 
Department  is approved for development of  C & DST Lab for tuberculosis by  State  TB Office. 
Department is identified for development of  state- of- the- art Viral Diagnostic Laboratory by Dept of Health Research, ICMR, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India under the scheme” Establishment of Network of Laboratories for managing Epidemics & Natural Calamities”. 


Name Designation Experience Research Photo Publi(I) Publi.(N)
Dr.Vanita Ashok Kulkarni Professor & HOD


Name Designation Experience Photo Publi.(I) Publi.(N)
Dr. Mrs. Meena Nayan Ramteerthakar Associate Professor 1 3
Dr.Pankaj Arunrao Joshi Associate Professor 2 4
Dr. Mrs. Vishakha Vijay Shikhare (Madwanna) Associate Professor 2 2
Dr. Dattatray Virupax Kumbhar Assistant Professor
Dr. Chandrahas Damodar Kale Assistant Professor
Dr. Deepak Keshav Shinde Tutor
Dr. Ashwini Sadashiv Rajmane Tutor

Research & Publications