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Department Information

History :

General Medicine department started in 1962 at Wanless Hospital,Miraj. In 1970 post-graduate courses were started. These courses were recognized by MCI in 1975. In 2004 Wanless Hospital,Miraj delinked from G.M.C.Miraj & Department splits at Two places Govt. Medical College & Hospital,Miraj & Govt. Hospital,Sangli. Functioning of Medicine I.C.U. & C.C.U.of 8 beds started in 1995 at P.V.P.G.H.Sangli. Functioning of Medicine I.C.U. & C.C.U.of 8 beds started in 2006 at G.M.C.H.Miraj. Functioning of Treamill  E.E.G. – Pulmonary Function Test started in 2005 at P.V.P.G.H.Sangli. Both I.C.U. are equipped with Ventilators and Central Oxygen etc.Echocardiography is Functioning since 2007 at G.M.C.H.Miraj.Hemodialysis is Functioning since 2008 at G.M.C.H.Miraj. Anti Retroviral Therapy centre is  Functioning since 2004. This centre is having Largest capacity of patients after Mumbai.Second line treatment is available at this centre. At present Two units are working at Govt. Medical College & Hospital,Miraj & Two units are working at Govt. Hospital,Sangli. At present Department of General medicine is fulfilled with One Professor,Nine Assistant Professors &  Three                 Post-Graduate admissions per year. 

PG Course : Degree (No.of seats)     :-  03     
1st batch of  P.G.   :       Year    1970

Departmental attraction/Performance last three years:-  
Daily OPD    -     300 Patients
Daily Indoor    30 Patients
Department Library  constitutes 250+ books/ journal apart from Central Library.

Special facility if any :-
 Regular speciality services, Follow up camps and visits, Senior citizen services are available.















Beds Allotment of Dept. of Medicine

P.V.P.G.H.Sangli( 90+27 beds)






 Beds 30

MS-II       15

FS-II        15


 Beds 30

MS-I        15

FS-I          15


Beds 30

MS-I        15

FS-II         15


15 Beds


12 Beds

G.M.C.H. Miraj (60 beds)


 Beds 30

FS-I          15  

MS-I         15

UNIT II               

 Beds 30

MS-1         15


FS-1           15



Any other achievement/awards:

                 Best A.R.T. Centre in Maharashtra 2014.


Name Designation Experience Research Photo Publi(I) Publi.(N)
Dr. Basavaraj Anita Professor & HOD


Name Designation Experience Photo Publi.(I) Publi.(N)
Dr.Patankar Sachinkumar Marotrao Associate Professor 9 1
Dr. R.S. Herekar Associate Professor 2
Dr. Magdum Somanath Appasaheb Associate Professor 1
Dr. S.S. Mali Associate Professor 2 0
Dr.P.D.Shingade Assistant Professor 1 0
Dr. P.B. Vanjari Assistant Professor 0 0
Dr.Nandkumar Narayan Patil Assistant Professor 0 0
Dr.Rahul Patil Assistant Professor 5 2
Dr. Arjun susar Assistant Professor
Dr.Somya Poduwal Assistant Professor
Dr. Abhay Bhosale Assistant Professor 0 0
Dr. V.V.ADHALI Senior Resident 0 0
Dr. Ashish B. Patil Junior Resident
DR. KIRAN BIJAPURE Junior Resident 0 0
DR KALPESH PATIL Junior Resident 0 0
DR REVNESH MIRJE Junior Resident 0 0
DR PRATIK GIRI Junior Resident 0 0 0
DR SINDHU Junior Resident 0 0
DR VINOD PAWARA Junior Resident 0 0
DR. YUNUS SHAIKH Junior Resident 0 0
Dr.Krutish Kumar Junior Resident 0
Dr. Dabhole Rahul Junior Resident
Dr. Patil chaitanay Junior Resident
Dr. Neha Kadam – duke Junior Resident
Dr. Hange Ajit Junior Resident 0 0
Dr. Patil Sayali Junior Resident
Dr. Shubhangi Salunkhe Junior Resident
Dr.SUNIL PATIL Junior Resident
Dr. Y.V.KOLI Junior Resident
Dr. Nitin Dhone Junior Resident

Research & Publications


1.  Status epilepticus : Rare presentation of catastrophic secondary antiphospholipid antibody syndrome with systemic lupus erythematous. – Case Report : R.V. Bhagwat, S.M.Patankar, G.V. Manudhane, S.A. Magdum.              International Journal of healthcare & Biomedical research. Vol.:2, Issue:4, July 2014, Pages 9-11.

2. Adult onset still’s disease – Dr. Sachinkumar Patankar, Dr.Rajendra V. Bhagwat, Dr.Pranesh Puri, Dr. Somnath Magdum.              International journal of scientific research, Vol.3/issue8/Aug.2014 ISSN No. 2277-8179

3. Paracetamol Poisoning – A case report. Dr. Sachinkumar M. Patankar, Dr.Rajendra V. Bhagwat, Dr.Ashlesh R. Tiwari, Dr.Santosh Mali.              International journal of scientific research, Vol.3/issue10/Oct.2014 ISSN No. 2277-8179.

4. Haemolytic uremic syndrome after acute gastroenteritis – treated conservatively case report.         R.V. Bhagwat, S.M.Patankar, A.A. Khune, S.S.Mali.              International Journal of healthcare & Biomedical research. Vol.:3, Issue:01, Oct. 2014, Pages 136-138

5. One and half syndrome : A Case report - Dr. Sachinkumar M. Patankar, Dr.Rajendra V. Bhagwat, Dr.P.D.Shingade, Dr.Suraj Goyanka. International journal of scientific research.Vol-4. Issue:01, Jan2015, Pages: 365-366

6. Acetyl Salicylic Acid induced Hyphema during Cataract surgery : A Case report – Dr.Archana S.Kasabe,Dr.Sachinkumar M.Patankar. Paripex Indian Journal of research Vol:4, Issue:02, Feb.2015,               Pages 29-30

7. Posterior segment manifestations in H.I.V.Positive patients : Original article Dr.Archana S.Kasabe,Dr.Sachinkumar M.Patankar. International  Journal of scientific research.  Vol:04, Issue:07, July 2015, Pages:437-439

8. Comparative study of Tuberculous & Cryptococcal meningitis in HIV +Ve patients: somnath magdum,  rajesh khyalappa – Original Article – MJDYPU Vol.02, March 2008,Pages 19-24.

9. Assessing the effectiveness of second line cART for HIV-infected patients failing first-line theropy: Dr. M.B.Jadhav, Dr.S.M.Patankar, Dr.R.V.Bhagwat-Orginal Article- International Journal of healthcare & Biomedical research. Vol.:4, Issue:01, Oct. 2015, Pages 08-16

10. Anterior segment manifestations in HIV Positive patients : Original article Dr.A.S.Kasbe,Dr.S.M. Patankar. International  Journal of scientific research.  Vol:05, Issue:02, February 2016, Pages:468-470

11. Ishemic stroke in a patient of henosch sconlein purpura : A case report and minireview accepted for publication to PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH for 15th April,2015 ISSUE (ISSN NO-2250-1991) Dr.somnath Magdum


12- Cervical Spinal brucellosis presenting as fever with next stiffness & cervical compressive myelopathy Neurology India Vol.62,Issue-3 Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr. Rahul Kulkarni May-June . 2014/National


13.Primary maxillary sinus plasma blastic lymphoma in person living with AIDS JAPI Vol.64, Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr.Mansi Kadam April 2016 National

14 .Efficacy & safety of intravenous Ulinastatin versus Placebo alongwith standard supportive care in subject with mild or severe acute pancreatitis JAPI Vol.61, Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr.Philip Abraham Aug.2013


15 . H1N1 infection largest experience from India Contemporary Medicine – Challenges & solutions- API Update Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr.D.B. Kadam Jan.2010 National

16 . Tubercolosis risk among medical traiees, Pune, India Emerging Infectious diseases  22(3) 541-543  Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr.Chandanvale Dr.Vidya Mave March 2016 International

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Page No.116-121 Dr.Anita Basavraj  Dr.Ramona Sobhani  Aug-2007 National

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22. Retrospective analysis of necropsy findings in patients of H1N1 & their correlation to clinical features

JAPI Dr.Anita Basavraj Dr.H.B.Prasad National

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